FASHION MISTAKES that ruin your style

Fashion mistakes. There are soo many fashion mistakes that hunt our drawers and our lives everyday. Mistakes that I’ve done for soo long. To help you too out, here is my top 5 list:

1 Mid-lenghts

Don’t wear mid-lenghts if you are too short, they tend to make you look shorter.

2 Wearing white or black at weddings

HUGE mistake that I often see. Even pastel colors that are similar to white are out of discussion. And more important, don’t ever wear black, it’s not a funeral, it might seem you’re not pretty happy about that wedding.

3 To much skin showing

if you are not at the beach in a swim suit, then showing to much skin is totally OUT. I agree with the fashion “rule” saying that it has to be a balance betwen the bottom part of your body and the upper one, if you have your legs showing then you might not “undress” the upper part to.

4 Bra straps showing

I don’t find very nice to see someones bra straps or the silicone straps (hate that) so if you are wearing a strapless top or a backless dress make sure your bra is not showing.

5 Improper fit

Too small or too big doesn’t matter they don’t look flattering if they doesn’t fit. Your outfit needs to have shape and structure, it needs to show off your best parts.

Hope you find this useful, and i wait for your fashion mistakes.



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