I wanted to share with you my most important homeschooling tips and tricks in order to stay focused and on schedule. Don’t get scare it’s not that difficult if you’re sure it’s what you want.

1 Organization

You have to organize your time very well since you have a lot of things to learn in very less time. So I plan every single day of studying. For that I use my phone calendar and I always stick to that or do something more. Like even if I am tired or sick I never quit until I finish.

2 Determination

I think this is the more important since you don’t have anybody to stay beside you and push you to study. You have to do it all by your own, so i don’t have a tip on how to do this i think is just everyone’s character.

3 Push yourself

Push yourself harder every single day. Pass your limits and do more. It will feel amazing when you’ll finish your program earlier than you thought.

As you understand it’s all about hard work and determination, but once you reach your goals on your own it will feel awesome. So hope this will help you out.



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