Fashion on a budget – 5 tips

Today, it’s gonna be about fashion. So, I’m very into fashion, I love how a good outfit mixed with the perfect makeup makes me feel, but I don’t have soo  much money to splurge on everything that I like, so I put myself 5 rules for shopping.

1 Invest in key pieces. I tend to spend the most on key items like a little black dress, a black skirt, a coat or a leather jacket, everything in black of course. Which gets us to the next tip.

2 Invest in pieces that go with everything. If I am going to spend a lot of money on somenthing I’ll definitely buy it in black. I just know that I’ll get more use out of it, cause I hate to splurge on something that I can wear only 3 times a year.

3 Save on jeans. I’ve personally realized that an expansive pair of jeans doesn’t necessarly mean that they’ll fit well, so don’t spend a lot of money on expansieve jeans while you can find a cheaper pair that fit even better.

4 Do I love it? Do I really need it? If I ask myself these two questions, before hitting the register, they save me from compulsive purchases.

5 Shop unseasonably. This seems to not make sense but for me this is smart shopping. If I see a cute coat on sale but the weather already got warmer, it doesn’t matter I’ll buy it for next year. Same thing with the summer clothing, I buy it at the end of summer and save it for next year.

I hope you all find this interesting and helpfull. Have a good weekend, and enjoy shopping. ❤



I always say, shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.

– Tammy Faye Bakker

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