My night time routine <3

Hello beautiful people ❤

So while I was getting ready for bed tonight, already in my pijamas I thought I could share with you my night time routine. So ran to my room, grabbed my camera just to show you my skincare products.

First thing first, I had a shower, didn’t washed my hair because I washed it yesterday, and I’m trying my best to not wash it every single day as I used to. Put on some body lotion, I used the Dove one, then got into my pijamas so I can move on to my skincare.

Today I didn’t use makeup so keep that in mind because this is my “light” version of skincare routine.

I started by washing my face with the Garnier PureActive fruit energy gel, massage it with a cellulose face sponge (waiting to get the Clarisonic though 😀 ).

Then since my eyes feel strange lately, i’ve decided to wash themm with a  damped cotton pad with chamomile tea just to calm them a little (it always helps me a lot).

Move on to toner, I’m trying for the first time the L’oreal Lumi Révèle Sublime, which I don’t really know how I feel about it, but seems good.

For moisturizer I use the Garnier Moisture Match for oily to combination skin, and for my eyes I used the Garnier caffeine eye roll-on, didn’t really impress me but it’s ok. I wash my theet put on some lip butter, and I’m ready for bed.

Hope you like it beauties and since where I live is time to go to bed I wish you sweet dreams and goodnight. (well goodmorning and have a nice day if you are waking up 😀 ) ❤ ❤ ❤



Beauty come from the inside.

-Kathy Ireland

6 thoughts on “My night time routine <3

  1. EivlesLife says:

    I really never got any problems with acne scarring I just have some discoloration, very large pores and lately some rosacea 😦


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