What’s in my bag? <3

A woman’s bag is her sanctuary and I really believe that what you find in a lady’s bag can tell you a lot of her. Since, today I had to clear out my bag from crumpled receipts and spare change, I’ve decided to do share with you What’s in my bag.


1 Selfie stick. I like to have it with me just in case I go somewhere and feel the need to take a nice photo.

2 Vlogging camera. You might not know but lately I’ve made my own YouTube channel and my resolution is to start vlogging not dayli because I don’t have a very interesting life but at least I want to do a week vlog.

3 Gum. Always keep at least a pack in my bag.

4 Car keys. They live in my bag since mulpile times I forgot them at home and then had to come back upstairs to get them.

5 Sunglasses. Keep them in my bag cause you never know when sun will come through.

6 Snack and a bottle of water. To prevent a hunger attack.

7 Little makeup bag. Usually keep in my lipstick of the day, a concealer and a powder. Aloso I always have in there sono bobby pins, a lip balm, a rollerball parfume, some bloatting paper and some medicins.

8 Wallet. Can’t go anywhere without it.

9 Medium makeup bag. I don’t really keep makeup in here but just some random stuff like, hand sanitizing tissues, my hand moisturizer, a pen and a spray for cleaning my glasses and also tissues.

10 Battery backup and earphones. I swear by these little life savers.

11 Gloves. I always keep my gloves there becaus my hands are always freezing.

12 Notebook. Since I’ve started my hannel and this blog I’m always carrying around a little notebook in case I have and idea for a post or a video.

13 Phone. Last but not least I keep my phone in the outher pocket to reach it easily.

Hope you enjoyed having this sneek peek into my bag, and had a great time reading and seeing what I always carry on with me.

Lots of kisses


I’m very hard on my bags because I tend to carry a lot of stuff with me.

– Laura Linney

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