My weightloss journey

It’s been over a year now since I reached my goal of losing the right amount of weight, to make me feel confident about myself, and getting a healthier life, so even if it still is a struggle for me I feel really proud of where I am now.

Starting with the beggining, when I moved to Italy with my family I was very skinny, even as a child, but coming here changed my life so I don’t know if it was a matter of lifestyle or some kind of depression, since in school I was bullied, I’ve put  on a lot of weight every year.

In the summer break 2009, I started working in an restaurant so with the work and standing up all the evening, I managed to lose some weight but I wasn’t keeping any track or willing to lose more. So as soon as I started school again I just went back to 70kg maybe or more.


Then after finishing shool in 2011 I started working as a secretary so a desk job wihich got me to weight over 85 kg. Then after realizing I weighted more than my boyfriend I finally decided that it was enough.

With my boyfriends help, which is a huge sport freak, he plays soccer he is a soccer referee and goes to the gym three times a week, I decided to try to do something good with my life.

I started a diet plan which didn’t work very good , so I switched to a more natural lifestyle. It was based on not eating meat, eggs, bread, pasta but I still ate something sweet in little portions every evening after dinner, like a little treat to help me keep on track. This was from mondays to friday, then on saturdays or sundays I would treat myself with a pizza or a barbeque, so I would not be struggling the next week. This plan combinated with going to the gym every single day from monday to friday, helped me lose 30kg in less more than 6 months.

Now I’m a total different person, because of my weight at the time I was very unconfident, and shy, and I never was comfortable around other people. Now I’m totally ok with meeting new people and talk to them, sharing interestings and now I even make jokes about my previuos personality, because I feel it wasn’t really me, I felt like trapped and always underestimated.

So hopfuly, you’ll find this useful and motivational, because if I did it everyone can. ❤




Ask yourself if what you’re doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.


9 thoughts on “My weightloss journey

  1. Dorkchops says:

    You are so beautiful! You look fantastic! ❤ I've been on a similar journey myself! I decided to change my lifestyle 4 years ago and I've never looked back! I never thought I could do it but reading posts similar to yours back then gave me the motivation to do it! ❤ You really are a role model! ❤


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