Fashion trends – New Normal/ Normcore

Well I’ve been searching on the internet for new outfit inspiration and ideas, and I just discovered the New Normal trend? Didn’t even know what that mean until I went on our mutual friend Pinterest and made some more research there too. 🙂

It’s supposed to be the death of alternative style and the reintroduction of normal in general. Some staple pieces are jeans  jackets and shirts, high-waisted pants, gilets, backpacks, high necked or round necke tops, blouses and sweaters. Everything rigorously in neutral colors like white, black, camel, brown, grey. Same colors for shoes. Black and white stripes are a must too.

For most it may sound like boring and unpersonal and it really is, but for me is like heaven. As I might already told you, I’m all about black, neutral and classic pieces. But I think also that everyone has to take trends and modify them on their own personality to fit them better.

Hope you’ll get some inspiration from the pictures below, and you’ll enjoy this new trend as much as I do ❤



Is not about brand, is about style.


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