Throwback Thursday – From PARIS with Love

Right now,while at least few of us are in the romantic mood due to Valentine’s day, I’ve decided to do something related. I’ve never been excited for this day, cause I’ve never really celebrated it but, this time I got a little nostalgic.


Two years ago, me and my boyfriend went to Paris for a weekend, and I was litterally blown away by the romanticity and the lifestyle they have. It’s a whole different reality. If I could I would definitely move there. By walking on his streets you get to see so many different cultures and styles and everything is magic. We’ve been visiting some of the most important attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Notre Dame cathedral, the Louvre Museum, the Montmartre, the Arc de Triomphe and walked down the Champs Elyseè.

In every little corner of the city, you can feel the love of thousands couples who went there to live their own magical moment in the City of Lights and Love.

So I’ve decided to share with you, some pictures of my trip, to get you there at least with your mind, if you’ve never been in person ❤

Hope to go back there soon again, because it’s definitely my favourite city in the world ❤



Paris is always a good idea.

-Audrey Hepburn

578666_262848683867978_895008179_n   1454549_259424287543751_390456111_n 1457747_259424884210358_1937418185_n 1472880_260198710799642_486259219_n 1499498_262845613868285_1582609398_n1507606_262847257201454_1911292846_nme eiffel paris1488118_259432107542969_547050910_n 1488882_259464157539764_1614253041_n   CIMG1676 jardin paris louvre piramid paris monalisa parislv paris   montmartre cathedral montmartre view moulin paris streets paris

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