Face Primers : Garnier, Maybelline and Clarins

Hello beauties! I hope you’re all having a beautiful day. Today I start going to the gym again, since for the past few weeks I’ve been very lazy 😦 I don’t wear makeup to go to the gym, but I still use some mascara, fill in my brows and a face primer to smooth my skin. And that’s today’s post about : favourite face primers. I used to stay away from primers but since I’ve used it I saw the difference that it makes to my makeup, so now I can’t stay away from it ❤


For me they are a must, usually they keep my oiliness under control,seem to make my pores appear smaller and the makeup goes on smoothly.

PicMonkey Collagebaby

I will start with the one that I like less, the Maybelline Baby Skin, the original one, cause I know they came out with other two formulas, never tried them so I can’t express myself on those. Well, why I don’t like it? Honestly it’s not that I hate it but I’ve noticed that I don’t always rech for it due to his consinstecy. I don’t really enjoy the silicone feel that it has even though it smooths my skin pretty well. Massive disadvantage: it make me oilier that I’m already. I usually use the Baby Skin primer by it’s own and just applying some powder on top, because if I put it under foundation everything slides off my faces in a couple of hours.

PicMonkey Collagennn

The Garnier 5 seconds Blur and the Clarins Instant Smooth, for me, are almost the same thing, besides the price, of course. Same consitency, same smoothing power. Maybe the Clarins doesn’t keep my makeup in place for as long as the Garnier one, but still love it. They both have a creamy, powdery consistency which I like, only disadvantage is that beacause of the thick consistency the Garnier 5 seconds Blur doesn’t come out so easily from the tube, while the Clarins is in a pot, even though is not very hygenic, I prefer it for this type of primer.

I would really like to know which are you favourite primers? If you use it or you just skip this step in your makeup routine.



Not every artist uses paper and paint.


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