Floppy hat Outfit

Hello beauties! How are you? Today I’ve decided to start organizing properly my day. Never did that my entire life, that’s why I’m always all over the place and late for everything I want to do. Hopefully this will work 🙂

If you have any organisation tips please share them with me cause I’m pretty desperate. 😀 Monday afternoon I went to a mall, which is not very far from my house and I went to the H&M store. Th front window caught me immediately, because of these floppy hats that are so in trend lately. So went in, tried a black one, loved it, bought it. 😀 And since then I’ve been constantly thinking of making this post, showing you how I would style it. Hope you’ll like the look that I came up with. By the way Puffy decided to join me in the post ❤

floppy hat outfit 2 floppy hat outfit 3 floppy hat outfit 4 floppy hat outfit 5 floppy hat outfit 6 floppy hat outfit 7 floppy hat outfit 8 floppy hat outfit selfie floppy hat outfit

Hope you are all having a  good day ❤ Lots of hugs and kisses ❤



Whenever you wear your hat, your day will be special.

-Margo Nickel

17 thoughts on “Floppy hat Outfit

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    love this! so chic! the hat is amazing. i’m sort of obsessed with organization, so i suggest getting a list app for your phone. write down everything you want to do in the day in the order you want to do it (start off with the things you want to do least so you don’t procrastinate) and check off things as you go along. good luck!! ❤
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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