My Sunday <3

Yesterday I’ve started the day with my dad bringing me an orchid for the Women’s Day ❤ It was so nice from him and I love flowers 🙂 Then later my boyfriend brought me flowers too so I was already pretty happy 🙂

orchid roses women's day

But I felt the need to take a walk, to get out of the house and free my mind a little. I felt the need to not think, just walk, and we end up on a farmer’s market not very far from where we live.

SAMSUNG sunday farmer's market

It was pretty nice, because I love flowers, and there were a ton, animals, birds and lots of pretty things to see. It was sunny so for me it was the perfect afternoon ❤ Dind’t take many photos but I wanted to share with you those I took, to show you my Sunday afternoon. Hope you all had a lovely Sunday ❤

image3 (2) image4 (3) image5 (2) image6 (1) image7 (1) image8

Lots of hugs and kisses!

Have a nice Monday and an awesome week.



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