Weekend Getaway – Genoa

We always take time to ourselves. Since work got crazy and we don’t have that much time to see each other, since we’re not living together yet, we feel the need to take a few days now and then just for us two. We enjoy a lot spending time together walking and visiting new places, and this time our destination was Genoa, Italy. This city is amazing, is built on the cost of the sea and has the second biggest acquarium in Europe.

I’ve thought it would be nice to share with you some picture from this amazing weekend. Hope you enjoy ❤

I want to make memories all over the world.


genova1 genova2 genova3 genova5 genova6 genova7 genova8 genova9 genova10 genova11 genova12 genova13 genova14 genova15 genova16 genova17 genova19 genova20 genova21 genova22 genova23 genova24 genova25 genova26 genova27 SAM_0933 SAM_0945



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