Skincare routine

I wish I’d had a perfect skin, no breakouts or scars, discoloration or Hyperpigmentation, we all want that, and some of us are lucky to have it, but I don’t and to achieve a “normal” looking skin I have to stick to my routine.

It’s basically the same routine for morning and night, the only things that change are the masks I use every three or four days to help my skin, but that will be a totally different post with all my favourite masks for oily and problematic skin.


Cleansing – I use a face scrub, now I’m trying the Clean&Clear, to take of all the dead skin and dirt on my face. Afterwards I use the Neutrogena Visibly clear Pink grapefruit facial wash and this one leaves my skin soft and clean, I love it.

Toning – For toner I use my all time favourite the L’oreal Lumi Revele Sublime, it has alcohol in it and keps my skin pretty clean from breakouts. To give back some hydration I spray the Evian pure water all over my face, it’s water in a can but for me it makes the difference.


Moisturising – Starting in the order I apply them, first eye cream and I’m obssesed with the Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus, because I’ve noticed it really helps my makeup stay on, without creasing under my eyes. I use the traditional Nivea moisturiser all over my neck to keep it nice and smooth. On my face, I first use the Garnier PureActive matte control moisturiser, another favourite of mine,  and on top I use the Neutrogena visibly clear oil-free moisturiser and I’ve noticed that this combination helps a lot my skin.

This is all that I do morning and evening for my skincare and since I’ve done this my skin is so much better, with less breakouts and definitely less oily.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, see you in my next post. ❤



Beautiful skin requires commitment con a miracle.

-Erno Laszlo

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