November favourites

I haven’t done a favourites post in quite a while now but these kind of posts are the ones I love to read the most cause is the best way to find new products to try out.

November has been a very life changing month for me, I’ve decided to make a turn in my life and go and study for something I really love: make-up. I went to London for a couple of days and attended a Foundation Make-up course at the London School of Make-up. Love it! It was a two days intensive course where we learnt all the basics, and once I’m done with practicing and studying the theory, I have to go back pass the exams and then I’ll have my certificate, that will allow me to work as a freelance or however in the make-up industry. Can’t wait for that!
But back to the favourites, all the products you’ll see next are all things I picked up in London, things I can’t find in stores in Italy.

simple moisturiser

Simple hydrating light moisturizer

Love this one! As I might already told you, I have very oily skin, and most moisturizers make me much greasier than I already am but this one is so light on my skin, it doesn’t clog my pores or make me break out.

batiste dry shampoo

Batiste dry shampoo – fruity & cheeky Cherry

I tend to wash my hair every single day, because, I hate the feeling of greasy hair. I know it’s very damaging and that’s why I’m trying to wash it every other day now and in between use a dry shampoo and this one works very well for me. And it smells amazing!

image3 (4)

Bourjois Poudre de riz de java

This setting powder is the bomb! I use it every single day and I’m so in love with it. For more in depth details about it check my last blog post/review on it.

makeup revolution brow archery

Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow 

I went to London with no make-up in my bag, so I had to buy something for my brows, I can’t go anywhere without my brows on point. This brow pencil has a pencil, of course, on one side and a marker on the other, and I totally love both. The marker of course stays longer on my skin, and it doesn’t budge for the entire day but the pencil side is good to.

kiko high pigment eyeshadow

Kiko High pigment eyeshadows

Since coming back from the course I’ve been more confident on playing with eyeshadows. I picked up some of the new Kiko eyeshadows and I absolutetly love them, they’re so pigmented, blend so well and stay put all day long without any primer underneath.

This is all beauties. Hope you enjoyed, and I would love to read what are your favourites! See you soon ❤


Makeup is my art.





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