Skincare – Products I splurge on

My skin has always been problematic, oily with a lot of imperfections and breakouts.

 One day I was watching a YouTube video, I don’t remember actually whose video was but something she said caught my attention: “I invest in skincare rather than makeup, because it’s better to treat rather than cover.”

So the next day I was at work, and in my lunch break went to a colleague from the Estée Lauder counter, and since I already knew the Advance night repair serum, so she made me buy the Anr (advanced night repair) line : the micro cleansing foam, the micro essence water and of course the serum. 

Let me say, they’re not cheap actually are expansive, but I use only a little bit of each one, morning and night and it looks like I haven’t even used it even if I had it for a month now.

Unfortunately I don’t have any before photo of my skin, but I can assure you that my skin improved dramatically. My pores vanished, my oils are at bay all day long, no more imperfections or spots and even my acne scars are less visible. 

After a month of regular use, after seeing all these results, I feel a lot more confident on going out of the house without makeup, a lot more confident with myself.

Hope this was useful for you and let me know which are you skincare staples.



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